5/4/18//6.55 PM  = &  ONLY 6 FREE Investorships !!! 

Tri-Fold Card-Set For Welded Inventive MetalArts Things
507 *#* !&&^
Googled  Collage of  Diversity-Examples:
Creative  Researchers Needed: >>>

<<< Fine Line Striping w/Over & Under Colors, Style.  Color & Design Variation Is virtually Un-Limited = Pick Your Own Preferences, Designs, Patterns,  Shapes, Names, Numbers, ... etc's
<<< "Krinkling" & Fogging/Blendings....  Pick Your Colors 4 Your Own Designs.

<<< 2 Color Shading-Patterns Style 

Top 2 Cards Theme Is What You Need Most Of ALL To Get   "FREE-Investorship" ...
Multi-Color Shading Layered
Solvent Erosion  Style
Brush Splashing & Color Blending

Thusly, Think , ... Do You Know ANY-One Who Wants to Make EZ Money From ARTS Lovers Rich People  Who Love the Unique  Creations?  ... & Meet New People?, ... & Get Both Arts/Non-Arts Opportunities  While Doing So?, ... & Get a FREE Painting? & You, Your Business/Skills, Your Painting All Advertised  FREE As An "ARTS-Advocate)While Doing So (On My Display Site) WHOLE-WORLD-Wide, TOO?    [Either Code  Named Anonymously For Your Privacy  or Openly).

Fact is ARTS  Businesses  Are Already  Out There Lucratively !!! & = Do U  Believe That  Truth, Early? & How Quickly?   :) ....... & Go Research It For Galleries & Prices!

(Essentially Read The Questions & See If You Believe the Truth Of & In Them).....................

Ladies, ...  AlsoThink, Early: = According To google, There Is 324 Million People In USA. They Say 1/2 Women & 1/2 Men, But I Think More Like 1/3 Men, 1/3 Kids, & 1/3 Women. Thats 100 Million Women Your Possible Competition For FREE & In-Coming "Seniority" On My Display Site Listing  Of ARTS-Advocates For Rich Business People To SEE! ...  >>> Lets Just Say 10 Million Women, Or Rather 1 Million Women Competition ;  Ponder DEEPLY In 1 million Women Think Theres A Lot Of Crazy Women That Want To Make EZ Money On Crazy Paintings To Crazy Rich Buyers Who Love The Crazy Stuff!!! .....  Now, Seriously, Is  So-Called Crazy ARTS, Really That Crazy?  Or A Rational Business Aimed at 7.4 People WORLD-Wide?

In The Old Days It Was Said The 3 Key Words To Business Success Were: "Location, Location, Location"... I Changed That To The 3 "T"'s & = "Visability" (www.), "Publicity" (= Researchers Aiming a Business & Its Products), & WORLD-WIDE Accessability (= www. & Using  Fedex, UPS, USPS, Etc's) 

& A
<<< Haphazard Jagged Brush Splashes & Target Aimed Splashes,.

Random Pattern Styles

A Few Examples Of Rich Peoples Already Dones & Art Galleries Sold DE$IGNS.
<<< Marbeling
My Questions Testing = How Many Questions Does It Take 2 See A Functional Business Venue? B4 My Web-Site Goes Out FURTHER Nation/WORLD-Wide Finding Researchers In Different Areas Wider Publicizing! ... 
Questions Convey This TRUTH, = I'm Looking 4 Researchers Plus ... Gives 1st 6 , "Intuitives' A FREE "Turn-Key" "Walk-In" "FREE-Investorship" If They R Quick Enuff 2C It! bcz It's TRUE! & Already Going On WORLD-Wide! & This Is Poverty = Not Impressive bcz If I Was Already Wealthy & WORLD-Wide Already, Do You Think I'd Be Giving Out The FREE Investorships? & Researching is Easy Only Takes Minutes-a-Month/Week/Day, & Your Schedule. 
Thusly B4 U B A "Naysayer'", Listen, Read, Think Deeper If ARTS=$$$4U!!!  bcz  Theres More Positive Directions "ARTS" Can Go Than Any One Can Think Realize! Plus Being I Do Abstract Custom, None of This Sounds as Schmoozingly Convincing As If Were a Communications Major College Grad, It's just Already TRUTH, Even Though Some Can't SEE Truth Right In Front Of Them. I,My Web-Site Seek Those Who Do. & ASAP-ly... (bcz Of Health Issues)

...Modern ART = Defined Many Names = Abstract, New Age, Contemperary, Obtuse, Arbstruse, & Custom, in The Custom Car, Truck, Bike, Boat Magazines, & Now-Days On Campers, Motor Homes, Semi's, Delivery Vehicles, Guitars, Logos on Shoes, Clothes, Purses, Computers, Phones, TV's, Condoms, Beverages, Beer, Boozes, Foods, Sports, Racing, Hunting, Fishing Things & More.... 
... THINK 1st!: A. Does Colorfully Painted ARTS, No Matter How Uniquely/Weirdly Done; Brighten Up The Most Dead, Boring, Drab: Office, Cubicle, HallWay, Lunch-Room, Basement, Bed-Room, Garage, Instrument, Vehicle, Fridge, Tool-Box, Jail Cell, "What-Ever" (= Add Your Word Here)? = To Illustrate Please Watch TV Shows & Movies; Big Rich Business Walls/Hall Ways/In Front Of Buildings , Music Video BackGrounds, Bill-Boards, Custom Car/Truck/ /Bike(Motorcycle & Pedal Type)/Boat/ /Recreational Vehicle, Magazines; go google Or Pics Also; To SEE How Wide-Spread?  

1. Modern Art To Rich People, Is it Funny? Or Lots Of Money Rich People Spend On It? & ... & Use It For Bragging Rights?; ... Showing Off?; & ... Status Symbols?  

2. Now Modern ARTs To You, Is It Funny? Or Lots of Money Rich People Spend On It? Use for Bragging Rights?, Showing Off? & Status Symbols?.... That You'd Like WORLD-Wide Distribution COMMI$$ION$ On? & MEETING New Good People With? & Get Opportunities Both Arts & Non-Arts With, Meeting Them?; & Getting A "FREE PaintingforHelpers", That You Can SELL To Any-One? ... & Get You, Your Painting, Your Business & Skills, Advertised ALL Over the World As An "ARTS-Advocate", FREE, In The Process? ... = Sound Fair? .... Continue? :)

3.Do ART Styles Advertise ANY-Thing Better? (= Look Around You Now) Be Aware of TV Shows, Movies, In & Outside of Corporate Buildings, Beverage Containers, Phones, Foods!!! & Do U Have ANY Favorite Color Combinations/Patterns/Styles U Like But No One Has Done Yet?

4. When it Comes to Art, Or Any-Thing For That Matter, & Be It Great, Crazy, Or Mangey; & No Matter How Wild, Weird, Stupid, Insane, Morbid, Ugly, Dumb; That Modern ARTS Might Be Defined Locally, Is the Open Secret Of It Just To Get It Out To The Right Target Audience 2B Seen ? = Is The RIGHT Target Audience Area The WHOLE-WIDE-World? (aka the "www." And a "Web-Site"?); & First The Fringe Elements Of Society Take Notice? & Then As They Talk About It, Others Listen & Slowly "Come On Board"? & A "Following" Happens, Especially With "1-ofaKind" Things?; & As People Follow, & Talk, & Desire It, IT Can Turn Into An Auction-Bidding Situation? = Competition, ... = To Get That "1-OfaKind" Thing 2B Their Own? I Mean After All Do People Need Boring-Mundane? OR Unique Things to Talk About? During Lunches, Meals, Happy Hours, Excercisings, Traveling, Long Elevator Rides, Dead Times In Seminars, Work, Etcs, etc? Or Creative Ones? ... Now, Think, ... Is Modern Arts Now, That Dumb Or Stupid?  

5. NOW, Think, Do You Make too Much Money? 

  6. Do You Make Enough Money, Now? . 

  7. Do You/Your Job Skills/Your Business Have Presently Enough FREE WORLD-Wide Advertising Exposure Now? . . 

 8. Do You Know How An Unknown Artist's ART Gets ALL-OVER-the-World Faster, Better, Creativer? ...... = Researchers  

9. Do You Know How Easy ARTS-Researching Is? = Just Aiming It Like A Paper Airplane? = Art, In a Pic = Camera Click, Cut & Paste, Then Mouse Click!? & Actually Isn't That Easier & Quicker Than Even Making A Actual Paper Airplane? & Also EZ Showing On Camera Phones? 

  10. How Many Researchers Is Best? None?, 1?, 2?, Dozen?, Or A Small Truck-Load? Thusly Think "Seniority" In, Is Good? 

  11. Thusly, If You Had An Opportunity To Make EZ Money From Rich & Famous & Influential People ALL OVER the WORLD That Love Some Thing You'd Probly Laugh At Until I Explain The Functional Business Dynamics OF (= Here-In) , Would You Want To Hear More True Info? ... (& By Functional Business Dynamics I Mean Knowledge Of Social, Human, & Business Psycologies Mixed With Advertising, Marketing, & Publicizing Techniques! ...

12. And Does It Make Any Difference If You Still Don't Like 99% the Styles, Think Maybe 1 Style-Design You Will? & As Long As a Sale Happens To Give You A COMMI$$ION?, A Profit to Keep Business Going?, Starting Other Opportunities Happening?, A Satisfied Customer Who In Turn FREE Advertises Positively Both For Me & You As The Sales Rep? Plus the More FREE Advertising The More People Know They WILL Have To OUT-Bid Others If They TRUELLY Want To Own a 1 Of A Kind ART-Piece! & Same Idea To A Lot Of "Scoffers" Out There? = They Just Gotta Look Longer To See The True Facts Of It!.  

13. & As For Sales Appeal, Which Do You Think Sells Better, Faster The Perfectly Lined, Contoured, Balanced Ones? or The Wild Ones That Look Like 2 Twin Brothers Cajoined at The Hip Had a Wicked Hangover One Day & Were Fighting Each Other On Canvas With Every Color Of The Rainbow? 

  14. Now With "Abstract" & Think DEEP Now, Think DEEPLY, Is There Even Ever Ever Ever Any Such Thing As A F'n Mistake? (= Does 'Weirder Sell Better/Faster Again WHOLE-WORLD Wide = In 7.5 Billion People? ) 

  14 1/2. & Accordingly As Per What a Local Non-Cultured Person Would Call A "Mistake, Paint Mess, Screw Up"; ... Do You Think If Said Defined Local Mess-Mistake Was Advertised Whole-World-Wide Out to Those 7.5 Billion People(www.), Think That At Least 1 in 7 Billion Would Love It & Buy It? Or Rather Maybe Instead 1 Dozen? Maybe 1 Hundred? (= Internet & TV Auction Sales = THINK About That bcz It's ALREADY TRUE, OUT THERE!!! :)? = Do U See, Yet, The Impact Of Researchers "AIMING" It To Them? Plus With Positive Psycological Techniques Also?

15. Prices for Said Wild Art Creations To World ARTS Lovers? Low?, Medium?, Slightly Higher Than Medium? or According to Local Area Wages, Can You Fill In That Blank Your-Self? (= Think 4 Your L8tr COMMI$$ION$ Potential Amounts)  

15. & 1/2. Do Modern Style Arts Only Appeal To One Ony Area of Life?... or Go Out In Every Profession, Hobby, Ethnic Variety, Country, Life-Style, Sports-Group, Financial Earning Bracket, Music & Acting Loving Area? ...

15. & 3/4. Now, Where Can Custom Art Be Painted? ........... = ANY-Place Paintable!!! If/When The Artist/Painter Knows His Paints Compatability & Adhesion Characturistics! ... Open Minded People, Think: >>> Obviously Wall Pics; & Vehicles, Instruments, House/Garage Doors, Signs, Fridges/Freezers, Office Cubicle Dividers (Think: A Different Painting On Each Side & Rotate Regularily & Then Different Rooms, Then Different Floors = Think, Does That Take a Small Bit Of Work Boredom Away? :), MailBoxes & Paper Holders, Computer Desks, ... ANY-Thing Holders (I Can Custom Weld Them, Too = MetalArt), Even Garbage Containers, Or U Creatively Think Some-Thing Up. ...... = Any-1 C The (Green) Light Of ART$- $UCCE$$ Yet? ThanQue 

16. Do U Actually Need More Self-Answered Questions 2 Understand/Believe the Already TRUTH, That: "ARTS=EZ$$$4U"& The Perks Of The First 6, ONLY; FREE-INVESTORSHIP IN? Think Paints On Guitars/Musical Instruments, Bike Tanks, Snomobile-ATV Hoods/Golf Carts, Boring Work Room Dividers, Signs for Windows, & Keep Thinking! bcz Chances Are You Lady Researchers Will Get MORE Opportunities From This Than I Will = Oh Well!  


Various Style Design Patterns Already Done & Published

& It's Simple.  Minutes-a-Month/Week/Day Internet Researching/Aiming (Click the Camera, ... Click The Cord To The Computer, ... Click, Cut & Paste The Pic, Click Send To Up To Many Many ARTS Curiousitizers [Requests From Previous Media Advvertisments] Easier Than a Paper Airplane!) . & Pics Of  "Already Done's" Sent  To World-Wide ARTS Display Galleries,  a List of Arts Appreciators, Or Camera Phone Visual Displays Of Designs On Guitars, Tool-Boxes, Mail-Boxes, Beverage Fridges, ... or "What-Where-Evers" = Sound 2 Hard 2 Do? It's Really That Simple, SAFE, EZ, Moral, Legal, Not Dirty, U Don't Get Dirty, & U Don't Have 2 B Near Me!

I'm Looking For Honest, Loyal, Moral ART Researchers To Get WHOLE-WORLD-Wide Better, Faster, Creativer!
ARTS = Modern, Abstract, New Age, Custom. ...... & All Who Laugh At It, Remember Its In Open Minded & Wealthy Peoples Homes &  Business  Entries, Hall Walls, Offices, Lawns, Advertisings, Room Decorations In General!  Ladies,....  Its On Appliances & Fashions!  Men, ...  Its On Circle Track/Drag-Funny Cars/Pro Streets/Street Rods/Custom Bikes-Cars-Trucks-Boats-ATV's, Beer-Booze-Soft Drink Bottles, Snack Foods, Campers, Motor Homes, Delivery Vehicles, ...  = Just Look If You Still things It's So DUMB. ART$=$$$4Helpers!

& Where Can It Be Painted? = ANY-Where Paintable: ATV Tanks, Tool Boxes, Beer Fridges, House-Garage Doors, Whole Walls, & Keep Thinking  If Any Of U Actually Have An Open Mind. Men CAN'T I-Net Worth A Spit but They Can Find Honest Researchers = The Key To This Whole Advertising Process.

& ANY-1 If You HATE 99% Of The Styles, ...  Just Keep Looking, ... & Besides If   An "Ugly Painting" Makes a Sale, A Profit, A COMMI$$ION 4U, A Satisfied Customer  Who References  U For A Friends New Sale; ....  Is It Worth It?