Essays, =  Psychological Overtones Of ARTS $UCCE$$ Factor, Pick Which is Best4U. 4 Deeper Thinkers Comtemplations Of ARTS-Sales Social Psychologies

Proof-Readers 1st Who Desire More EZ-$$$$ & Extra Opportunities & .................................................................................. ... & To Put F'bo Area In The World-Wide Art MAP!!! But = YOU Gotta Read/Listen/Think Positive Thru ALL 3 Survey/Questionaires/Info-Presentations  
How "ARTS" (w/Innumerable "Definitions)/Customer Custom Specialty Fabricated Welded Painted Creations-Designs/Ideas/Inventions/What Ever A "Bubble-Boy" Disabled Can Come Up With, With a Hyperactively Creative Mind That Can Make Money$$$ Making People Happier = 4U= EASY EZ$$$ In Minutes, Just Sitting Down!!!  
& How:
1. "ARTS" Can Make U $$$, Help Your Present Business, Start A New Small One,  
2. "ARTS" Involvements Can Make Your Problem Solving/Trouble-Shooting, Better & De-Stress BETTER!, & Happier/More Satisfied in Life!  
3. "ARTS" Can Make You Be More Pleasanter Socially Interactive & More Meeting A Better/Higher Classed/Opener Mindeder Groups Of People For Your Wider-Spread Own Separate Opportunities, Friendships, Deals, Vacation Place Tips,  
4. "ARTS" Make You More Inventive/Creative in Your Business & Home Projects/Plannings. (&= The More Knowledge/Experience/Skilled Helpers to Call On In Need Of Extra Inputs You Have At Your Access, ....... The More SELF-Empowered You Are & The More You Can Shut The "F" {= Fluff, Foof, Farkle = Choose Your Own Term:)} ....... Up All The "BS"-ers Who {DON'T} "Know It ALL!?" ... Sound Like True Empowerment At All? :)  
5. "ARTS" Viewing Can Be A Sedative/Pacifier/Un-Winding In Stress Times or Just Plain "Entertainment"  
6. ARTS" Displayances In Your Business/Home/Vehicle Gets You More "Arts"-Oriented New Customers And/Or For Sales!!!  
7. "ARTS" Can Be Customer Drawing In "Self-Business-Themed/Colored Advertisiments". & Tax Deductable!!!  
8. "ARTS" Involvements Directly As Your "Off-Shoot" Business To Get Artist Supplies/Parts/"Artifacts-Components-Pieces For Future Art-Projects/"ART" Gallery Viewings For Information Seeking; ALL Can Be Travel/Time Deductions For Income Taxes Later!!! & Seriously Is there ANY Reason A "Visitation Place" Can't Be Near A, "Eatery" You Wanted To Go To For A Long Time; or As long As You Are In "The Area" Do Some Shopping or "Visiting" ( I Mean "Confering" With Satelite-Sales Consultants/Recruiting New "Arts"-Investors....
9. "ARTS" Fits Into ANY Religion, ANY Spirituality, ANY Atheism Group; ..... It's TOTALLY Non-Denominational!!! It Is A "Common Thread" To Pull ALL Opposites People Types, All Belief Sects, Varieties, Countrys, Colors, Creeds, Philosophies Into 1 Viewing Perspective Area Of Intermingling, Interacting, Different Language Communications................ Now Isn't That What The Higher-est Positive Power Wanted More Of On This Spinning Rock, Any-Way? Another Common Denominator Of Positive Societies Interaction Besides Foods & Beverages............................

10. A. REMEMBER: READ, LISTEN, THINK!!! bcz With Mine, .. 1st 6 ONLY Are "FREE"-Investorships & bcz This Is NO, NO, NO Selling, = Damn Solistizing laws Against Little Poor People = Find Me Fastly bcz I DON'T HUSTLE!!! , I Just Keep Going, & Going, & Going (Just Like The Energizer Bunny!!!) Until I Find Honesty,Loyalty, Motivation Just 4 Minutues A Month! & After "6 FREE" Then $$$ Investors & Recruiting COMMI$$ION$.... & Incoming Vote & Other Seniority, (& Even Better tiny But Pricelessly In-Valueable "Benefits" = Sign-On 1st To Hear/Read them!!!:)  
10. B. & ALL 110% True, Honest, Integrity, & Success-FULL Guaranteed!!! (& = ONLY Time Prooves This!!! & It WILL!)
10 C. . Or Just Throw This All Away & Get My & My Things Validity From L8tr Others... = Just Honesty & TRUE Confidance!!!
ThanQue Very Much :)  



Art-Survey-Essay (& NO Selling, Just 4 Thinking, ..... Pass It Around:) ... On ... How ART Relieves Stress, Lessens Depressions, Makes Humor, Meets People, Advertises, & Makes You Money$$$:  
1. Simply Go Look At Different ART Galleries, Onlines, Display Trade-Shows & See (& Notice The Prices) ALL The Nice Wonderfull Things But Mainly ALL The Unique, Crude, Weird, Crazy Sculptures & Think: "I Wonder What The Fluff That Guy Was Thinking When Made That One(S)" = Both Humor & Thought Provoking Similtaneously bcz ANY-Time You Take Your Mind Off Of Stress Is A Blessing, Correct? 
2. Look At The ART Prices! & Say "What, ... How Fluffing Much?" & "Are People Actually That Nuts To Pay That/Those Prices?" .... ( Oh, By The Way Do You Already Know That True Answer? ... bcz When You Come Back In A Few Weeks & If It Went To An Auction, At Least a Couple People Bid It UP HIGHER? Especially if Said Previous Artist Had Some Spiritual, Emotional, Philosophically Befitting Meaning/Name On It? .... Understand? :) True or False: ~~~> Auctions & About "1ofaKind" Artsey Things Make Wealthy People Go Into Cut-Throat Bidding Almost Frenzy, Tendencies To Buy & Have Rights To Say " I Got The Only One In The World & He Don't Make ANY DUPLICATES, .... (& They Add>) NO MATTER WHAT You Offer Him!!!" .................... Understand? :)  
3. ART Places Are Wonderfull To Find Arrogant People Shooting Their Mouth Off & Don't Be Upset bcz It's Entertaining, Really, Just Keep Them Allowing To Go On... Examples "My Kindergardener Could have Done Better Than That Guy" or "I Wonder Where Did That One Come From, From Some Manufacturing Plant Dumpster That The Machine Just Broke" or " He Must Have Had a Really Bad Hang-Over That Day..." or "Looks Like a Garbage Truck Just Ran Over That One" ... ~~~> Do You Know These Type Of People? They Bash Others to Inflate Their Own Ego... Tell Me Any You've Heard, I'd Love To Hear More... & These People Will Eventually Have To Face Their Words (& Eat Them, Too :)..... It's Called Spirtual Syncronicites of Higher Developement/Evolutions, ....... Another Term Is Called "What Goes Around, Comes Around!"& In My Decades I've SEEN This Many Many Times To Know: Wait & Don't Get Upset... These Bashers Will Eventually Go With a Separate Friend To See Some One Else Who Has Big Money & Influence & Who Bid & Bought "It"/ Maybe "Them"(= More Than 1 Over Time) ... & He/She (Respectable Purchaser) .... Will Say: " I Love This Guys Green-Grunge Style" , " But, What Do You Think? " To The Basher Turning In To A (Soon To Be)Liar. . ....Remember These Things DO Happen! And If You Are There You Can Hardly Contain The Laughter, Ask Me About The 1. Clark, & 2.Tom, & 3. The "Orange Juice Squirt Episode" (= 3 True Price-Less Stories)..... Thusly My Advice Is These Peoples BS Is "PRICE-LESS!!!" So Go Buy A Video Camera Phone. ...... Understand? & Have Extra Cards, Too bcz These People Are ALL Over) & They(Video Phones & Cheapy Spy Video Pens, Too)... Work Great For That & Even Regular Daily Pathological Fibbers, too. :)  
4. ART Is "UNIVERSAL" & Fits Into EVERY Segment Of Society, & Especially Being So Many Many Different Definitions Of Such... You Talk To People From Every Walk of Life & Job/Vehicle/House/Business/Dating/Marriage Deals & Opportunities, Vacation Suggestions To Go To & Stay Away From, Advices & Consultings From Those Who "Been There Done That" To Save You Aggravations/Rip-Offs/Worse. Important Books To Read, Jokes/Humor,  
5. ART Is FREE Creative Advertising: Any Business That Uses a Creative Artistic Piece Automatically Gets People Talking About It Thusly "Trade-Marking" & Even "Land-Marking" Your Business For People To Talk About & Most People Love To Have Creative Unique Things to Talk About = FREE 4 U!!! & ART Is Better Than Gossip!... Business Sign Holder Logo'd/Personalized to Your Specialty Business/Personal Self-Employed Field. Either Inside Shown Thru Your Window Or OutSide Sidewalk, & Add Colored Christmas Variety Or 1 Colored Lights In A Pattern To Get Attention.. If Sounds Silly, No Different But MUCH Cheaper Than a Flashing Generic Sign Taking Up Parking Space & A Monthly Bill? Rememeber Silly Is Good, & Rememberable(Long Term Advertising Aspect) & Makes Humor, MORE FREE Advertising, and/or Even Give "Sign" A Personalized (Pet Style) Name It. & Even If Some People Directly Laugh At It, You Actually "Set Them Up" To Laugh & Laughers Are the Best, Loudest Form Of "FREE Advertising" There Is!!! (ASK Me:) ....... & Too Many Other Possibilities To Write About. Clever Signs Get Noticed & People Use Them To Direct Lost People To Other Businesses. How About Rotary Kitchen Style "Lazy-Susan" Style Display Racks? Magazine Racks? bcz I know Most Places I Go Don't Have Interesting Reading Wortha Foof. Mens Magazines Waiting In Womens Places (Hunting, Fishing, Cars, Truck, Hot Rods, Etc). Women's Magazines In Repair Places. Handyman, Car/Truck Magazines Showing Repairing Steps to Help Both Genders Learn While Waiting. 5 - 10 Years Old Newspapers From Yesteryear. bcz Any Uncomfortably WAITING Customer You Can Occupy Their Mind, You Make Them Happier To Come Back Next Time & = MORE FREE Advertising bcz Men Tell Their Buddies Where to Bring Their Wives & Visa Versa Women Tell Their Friends The Shops Where The Waiting Rooms Are NOT Boring & Safe...... So Just THINK, .... & See How Simple Customer Happiness Can Be? Go To Libraries Throwing Away Outdated Magazines, Garage/Rummage Sales To Find Them, Even Old Mini Novels for A Quarter & Give it The Customer To Take Mome To Finish MAKES THEM HAPPY!!! To Come Back! & Bring Friends, Too :).  
6. ART Is Inspiring To Open Minded People, bcz So So Many Have Been Authority Figured Programmed Into Controled Cuble Dwellers, Complacent Un Feeling Dis-Passionate Andriods, or Worse Punished for Being Long Past Creative... Art Is Creative Passion, What Ever One Does, & Some One Some Where in The World Will Love It(What Was Made)!!! & Ussually NOT Just One Person, Not 1 Dozen , Not Even 1 Hundred But "1 Thousands" , On the Internet Displayances. & Not EveryOne Has To Make Great Arts, Other Gifted Directions Such As Marketing, Advertising Graphics Design, Transportation, Idea Creations, Displaying, Referencing, & More....... Myself, I Just Make Creative Stuff, Coming Up With All These Info Papers, Info-Cards, Info Web-Site Did Develope My Mind But Also Killed More Brain Cells Than Beer & Body Shop Toxic Air Ever Did. ThanQue,  
Now Think Your Future Direction Of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-Making,..... & If In Arts.................... bcz They Can Be In EVERY OFFICE, SHOP, BUILDING, PARKING LOT, Rest Room, Cruise Ship, Bar, Salon, Excercise Gym, Vacation Spot, DMV, 18 Wheeler-Car-Truck-Bike-Wheel-Chairs, Etcs , Etcs.. ................... See How Diversly Help-FULL ART Can Be? My Info Web-Site Has More Info.......................... Think About More ART Posibilities YourSelf :)
 7. Arts Involvements .. Remember If You Don't GFI To The Opportunities, (& = You Snooze, You Loose!!!), ........ Some One Else Will, & Ahead Of YOU For WhatEver Seniority Perks, Specialized Self -Chosen Benfits Choices(I Offer "1" Extra To 1st 6 Who Sign On) & Possibly Comi$$ion$ Amounts..... & Remember Art Or Any Businesses Don't Hustle You In, You Must TruthFully GFI To Show Them That You Want In! Remember Also Many Many Artists Are, Or Rather Can Be "Inventors, too.... They Just Need To Be Or Rather Choose To Direct Creative Mind Energies To That Direction. Many Have But Patenting Takes Much Much Money So They Just Throw Ideas Away, Exasperated At The Red Tape $$$ BS Involved .... Artists Choose to Stay Mainly Hidden From Mainstream Society bcz Mainstream Generally Ridicules & Ostracizes Them, Until mainstreeam Finds Out How Much Money Can Be Made On Them(Inventions, Patents, Etcs), Which They Never Do bcz ARTists Gets Stifled By Social Closed Minded "Bullies".... Always Think Deeper & Positiver bcz ARTists Can Give MILLION$$$$ To Society To help In Many Directions.... Visonaries Be Open Minded To Pursue This............... It's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
8. ART, Like Music, To An Open Mind Is Relaxation Technique, Pacification, & Sedation; ... You Are Being Taken Away from The Intensity Of The "Present Moment" (= Stresses/Pressures/Troubles, ... At Any Given Time) & Essentially A "Mini-Mini-Vacation" Needing No Pills, Toxic Juices, Vaporous Burning Weed Emmissions, & NO Illegal Expensive Investments or Travel Tickets To Looose Luggage & Valueables With. Take a Gallery-"Walk-About" As Latter Word Borrowed From Aussie Lingo & Slowly SEE the World-Wide Opportunites,... & It Needs Deeper Thinkng To Do So.............  
9. ART Thrives In ANY Economy, Country, Lifestyle, Profession So Remember If sales Are Not Selling, People Are Still Looking For Conversationally Connecting To, For Other Involvements, Opportunities, Deals, Activities So Even In A "Lull" Of Profits It Is Still An IDEAL "Networking Device" Of "Social Interactions" & Art Beauty/Creativity/Uniquenesses/Absurdities (= Multiple Choice In Any Given Social Encounter) Is A GREAT Conversation Starter To Meet People, Deduce Character Qualities, Make New Friends, Interview Lead-Ins, Coffee/Bar Talk Topics To Branch Off Of, & Too Much To List. If You Don't Understand Or Believe This, Keep Thinking Deeper & Longer, Or Best Go To Galleries & Watch/Listen To Other People Doing It Succe$$Fully :)... Time & Seeing Prooves This CLEARLY!!! Remember: ..... ART, Just One little Word Has So MANY MANY BIG Meanings & It's Omni-Directional World-Wide, Too!!!! Myself I Just Design Create Weld Paint Abstract Things ( Remember The Weirder The Higher The Prices Go, Research Those Over 50% Social Anomomlies), & I Also Come Up With Ideas.  
10. Art Visionarie$, Can be Any-One Who Self-Chooses To Become Open-er Minded To See!! & Once You/They SEE, The More You See There Is To SEE!!! & To Be Involved In Directly & In-Directly To Make Friends, Money, Opportunities For YourSelf How-Ever You Choose to AIM Art In Your Life.... Essentially Unlimited Innumerable Directions!!! But ONLY If An Open Mind Does SEE!!! Few Can, Few Will Choose To Do See Bcz DILLIGAF Complacency Is TOO Prevalent, Easy, & Programmed Conformist ...................... bcz Seeing From The Mind Does Take Effort!!! To Start With AnyWay. Remember ONLY You, Your-Self Can Light The GFI Fire Under Your-Self......................... 2L8tr$$$$$$$$$'s 


1. The Definition Of "Art" Is The Same? ..... Or Different? ....... For Nearly Every-One?  
2. The Definition Of TRUE "Artist" Is A Creator Who Wants, Needs, Worries About 100% Of People Acceptances To Like His Styles? OR: Who Says "Truk-Em!" to 90% & Thrives To "Keep On Trukin" For the "2%", ... AS In: Individualistically Creatively For Those 2% Who Are Customers, Followers & Open-Minded/Admirerers ? Now, Think, Tell Me What Catagory Are The Remaining 8% In? Curiositizers? Do They Need Introductions? Explanations? Being Converted To Open Minded Art "See-ers" & Visitors? Is "YES" That Answer? hmmmmmmmm  
3. The Whole World Is A Big, Big Place? To Have As A Wide-Scale Advertising Customer Target Arena To Aim For?  
4. The Internet Goes All Over the World? To Show Them My/A Creative Web-Site... To Have Them Be Able To Find Me?  
5. Do Delivery Services of Some Type Go All Over the World? & Do Some Richy-Rich People Who Love "Weird-Art", .. I Mean "Unique-Arts" & Even Have Their Own Delivery "Services" Just to Get It Quicker For Self-Displayances?  
6. Do Wealthier People Love to Buy "Run Of the Mill" Millionated-Mass-(Taiwan-China)-Produced Duplicates? or: "1ofaKind" Specialty Created Things They Can Boast They Have The "Only One Of" In The World?  
7. Some Rich/Famous/Influental People Who Love "Specialty/Art Things" Even Have Their Own City Blocks, Skyscrapers, Ocean Liners, Islands, Jungles, Mountains, & Partial Million Acre Ranches? Think In A Higher Stakes Bidding Auction Process, You/ALL Of You Need To Find Them So They Can Find "A Certain Creative Artist"? (Essentailly Does higher Bidding Amounts Mean Higher[& MORE} Commi$$ion$ For You?)  
8. If A Creative Artist/Fabricator/Idea Person" Can Design-Create-Make-Paint Specialty Things For Them & For Other Rich Peoples Highest Biddings, Is It a Good Idea For Them to Find Out About A Certain "Creators" Web-Site? & The BIGGER Researcher-Helper-Investor Close Knit Family, The Quicker/Better/ The Creative WOrlD-Wide Visabiliy Happens?  
9. Is "Minutes-a-Month" Time Being Motivated To Help 4 Getting Commi$$ion$? & To Be Creative Internet Researchers To Have Your Own Great Ideas To Advertise To Them On How To Find Said ArtistS Worth Those Minutes While STILL Keeping You Day Job? &/or "What-Ever" Direction You May Choose To Aim Artist/Fabricator/Idea Person/Gallery/Even Researchers Talents?  
10. Is It Noticeable Yet Via Your Own Creative Ideas How Over-All Arts Involvements Can Enhance Both Your Present Job Position As Well As Your Employers Business Advertising Techniques & Customer Increased Visitations & Profit Margain, Again, OVER-ALL?  
11. Is These Writs Leading To Your Opinion Of Telling The Here-In Writer He's "Dumber Than a Box of Rocks" To "Get Lost Looser" To Take a Long Walk Away On a Short Great lakes Pier? Or:...... Right Now/GFI!!!? Inspiration 2 Get a "Seniority" In ?... Or MAYBE Just Local Hum-Drum "I'll Think About It Over a Couple Cups Of STRONG Coffee The Go To The Sports Page"?  
12. Do You/Your Friends/Lunch Room Consultant Groups/Happy Hour World-Events Discussion Think Tank Know That ART Is Both a PASSION AND A BUSINE$$$$$$ Where-By The Better The Advertising, Marketing Techniques & Fuller Visablty Range & The More Creative Humor With-In.... Said Marketing Techniques Of Said Artists Individual Styles, The More It Just Might Kinda, Slightly, Maybe, Possibly Spread Like Proverbial "Wild-Fire" As Well As "Million$$$ of Flippin(Facsimile Word) Dollars" small WORLD-Wide Enterprise, I Mean Business?  
13. Does Any Of This Make You Want To be Involved? bcz Theres An Info-Web-Site, Too, But NOT As Semi-Eloquent As This, It's Just Plain Street Language... bcz Thats Where I Live & Create "Crudely" From... & = Poverty Artistry, The Best/Deepest/Comprehensivest/Experiential Education There Is!!! & The Tuition Owed Is Higher Than The Regular Place!!!  
14. How About This/These?: Arts & Other Unique/Crazy/Eccentric/Weird Creations: = .... Is You-Tube FREE? Advertising? World-Wide? In a Segment Of Some Zany "Artifact"/Functional Novelty Device Being Shown Off/Demonstrated/Bragged About In Small Group As Said Advertising Or Technique to Show Businesses/Other Advertising Firms/TV Commercials Making Companies(Go See ZZ Top Playing Behind The Hinged Liquor Store Cooler Doors In The Jeremiah Weed Ad & The Reactions That Got Them, Then?:) & Also Said Reactive People Talking Afterwards). How Many Rock Bands Wod Love a Crazy Artist "First" = "1ONLY Designs!!!" Stage Props/Logos/Video To Be Cutting Edge First? Coomercial Ideas? ..... & Any Business With an Auctioned Off Art-Work "Piece" Becomes A Semi-Tourist-Attraction getting "Side-Draft" Business & FREER Advertising There-In. Do You See Minnesota Metaphorical "Snow-Ball" Rolling To Around The World Yet? & Even More a Hyperactive Mind Can Come Up With.. Think DEEP & Longer If You Think Abstract Art Is A Joke... :) & It's Better If A Philosophical/Humorous/Befitting/Personalized Advertising Technique/Name/Title Is Creatively "Built-In".  

  Private-Personal Art Designs Make Money From Happy Customer & Braggings Sales? ......................... T or F? People LOVE To Have Unique Things To Talk/Brag/OverEmbellish About Ongoingly At Coffee, Lunch, Happy Hours, Endlessly More.....) To Be The Speaker Center of Attention? .................... T or F The More People Embellish/Brag/Talk About Said Artsey Type "Creations", The More It Is FREE, Free, Free Endless "ADVERTISING"? (& No Matter How Good/Bad/Great It Was) ........................... T or F How About From "Grudge Sales" (NOT Garage!!!) As IDEAL ADVERTISING Technique?................... T or F (Ask For That Sales Technique... It's Good!) Can You Ponder All/Some Of The Many "Side-Draft" Areas For Money Making, Too... bcz Myself, ..... I Just Design/Create/Make The Stuff Is Why Researchers Needed & I Keep This Essay Based Offer Going Endlessly.... bc MORE Need To Know How The Simple & Crazy Sounding Word "ART" Can Be So Helpfull, & Lucrative In SOOOOOOO Many Directions That "The Sky Is The Limit" Or Rather The "MIND" Is! Or Rather Not bcz In Actuality It's Expansiveness Is END-LESS... & (Creative) "Day-Dreamers" Are A Back Bone Of The Creativity Aspect, ... bcz No matter How crazy there Will ALWAYS Be Some-One, Some-Where LOVING That Crazinesses & Brag FREE Advertising "End-Lessly"

Three Little Letters A & R & T, Did You Ever Realize All These Pages Of Information Could Be So Long Written, So Diversem & So Many Details On Some-Thing So Silly Sounding But Still TRUE? bcz It is!!! Just Ask GOD!!!  .....

Quick Modern-Arts Business OverView: . (& Customer Pre-Ordered Chosen Specialty "1ofaKind" Creations) & The target Market Arena Is WORLD-WIDE, Here! . NOT Local Where Most People Think Art Is Funny .Answer These: . & To Help Non-Beleivers Understand The Specifics Of "Behind The "Scenes" . . . 1. T or F: A. People Love To Have Mass Millionated Duplicates, The Same ALL Over Town Things . or: B. People Love To Have & Brag/Boast About "1ofaKind" Creative Uniquities, & of No Duplicates Guaranteed, That THEY Have the ONLY 1 Of In The WHOLE WORLD? & Painted Their Own Color, Too? 2. T or F: A. Spectaters Hate Artsey Things? or B. Spectators/ /Onlookers Who Can't Yet Afford Things, Especially Love Artsey-Weird-Unique-Crazy Things ( Especially with Coffee & Fire Water In Them) & LOVE To Talk/Boast/Brag/ /Overembellish How There's Would Be Better/Neater/Crazier/ /Bester? (People Love To Have "Uniquer" Things to Talk About Anyway) 3. T or F: "2. B." From Above Is The BEST/Cheapest/ /Most Vocal/FREE Advertising There Is? 4. The Wilder/Crazier/Zanier/Weirder/Uniquer/Dumber/ / They Are, The $$$Prices Go For lower? ... or ... HIGHER!!!? 5. If HIGHER, Were You The One Who Introduced Me to Them For Your $$$COMMI$$ION$? 6. Did Those 5 Cover The Marketability Lucrativity Of CREATIVE Artistry, WORLD-WIDE, ANY ECONOMY, ANY LANGUAGE, ANY LIFESTYLE, ANY HOBBY, ANY RELIGION, And/Or ANY ANY-Thing? 4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 7. After My 1st Blue Card, Then Read This Writ, Re-Read My "Blue"-Card For More Fact Reinforcement To Whole Scenario! This Is NOT Meant Crass or Crude Yet Rather A Creative "Wake Up Call" To Motivate/Envigorate Others Into Sharing Their Hidden Gifts/Talents To The World Instead Of Staying Hidden & "Stagnent"! .... Plus A Deductive Minded Person Reading These Cards/Notes Sees That If A Person Internally Debilitating Body/Mind Ailments Can Come Up All This From Long Term Semi-Shut-In-isms ,. Think Also The Possibilities/Truths Of Said Hyperactive Mind To Also Create Small Scale Labor Saving Devices, Updating Past Lesser Efficient Ones, Patients, Copyrights, Inventions, Commercializable "Catch Phrases"/Advertising "Jingles" Poems, Song Lyrics, Humor/Sarcastic Editorializings, New Cartoon Business Appearance Associated Advertising Charicatures, Etcs Ongoingly... He/They Just Need The "Customer Stimulus" To Do So. & Even If Any One is NOT Creatively Inclined To Do "Artisitic" Talents, They Can Be Helpers/Researchers/ /Advertisings/Networking Idea-ingers bcz Researchers Are What Gets Each Side(Customers & Creators) Together To Start Each Business Future Business .... "Metamorphasis"... & Researchers Can Research Wth-Out Bothering Their "Day Job" & MANY, Many Times Help Their Bothering Day Jobs Business Intake Of Customers Them-Selves Making Research "Dual Purpose" More Money Making. All From 3 Little Letters, A & R & T, ... & Who Would Have THOUGHT ALL This? ........... Creativers Did...ART w/Humongous Definitions, Meanings,& WORLD-Wide Exposure$$$$$... & CREATIVELY Think Of Your Own Diversified Directions.. & Ask 4 Parts # 2 & #3 Next, ThanQue & Oh I'm A Very GOOD Self-Researcher, But I Hate Researching! & 1st 6, ONLY, Serious Get a FREE Investorship, cz I Hate It,Do You UNDERSTAND The "Why" The "FREE" Part?!!! & It's Safe, Legal, Moral, You Don't Even Have To Be Near Me 2 Do IT, Think HURRY Is Good To Do? NOW!!! ... & Parts #2 & #3 WillCover A Few More Things. & There Are MORE Diverse Directions &, ........... Separate World-Wide Opportunites 4U In/Of/About Arts/Creations Than You Can Imagine!!! U NEED 2 READ & Listen 2 It ALL 2 "SEE!!!"& 110% Honest, TRUE, Integrity & $ucceSS Guaranteed!!! & I Know I Don't Look Handsome, ...(Especially With My Public Environmental Allergy Reactions & Blind Eye) Or Creative or ARTisitical or Even Trustworthy, But I Am!!!, Ask GOD, Well All Except The Handsome Part, :) .......... But Creative, Inventive, Problem Solving/ /Intuitive is BETTER Than Having A Movie Star Hot Appearance, ....... Besides When An Artists Work Gets Publicized, Admired/Popularized/ /Sought After, Then Very Very Possibly Movie/Music/Sports/Wrestler Stars May Be Calling Me... :) ART = World-Wide & 2 Any Professions!!! When TheyDo, Do You (From Having Your Name/Talents/Hobbies On The Researchers/Sales Page) Want To Take Their Calls As A Sales Rep? & While Still Keeping Your Day Job? . Creative Researchers Start This Bicycle Wheel Hub (Metaphor Of My Business:) 2 The Spokes Out 2 The Whole World In A "Dominoe Effect" & A Faribault Area Minnesota "Snow-Ball" Rolling Big, Big, Bigger. 2 All-Over The: "WORLD-WIDE" bcz "ARTS" Permeate Into Any Culture & Language & Unique Personalized Specialty "1ofaKind" ARTS Sells Better Than "Run Of the Mill" Things! "ART" = SO MANY Different Definitions & So MANY Rich People Desiring Them & In GROUP (Gallery Sales)Auction-Fever/Almost "Frenzied" Bidding 2 Get That "1ofaKind"-Thingee", That They Can Boast They Got The "Only1of" In The World!!! Understand The Lucrativity Aspect? & As Preposterous As This May Sound, It Is World-Wide Where Some-ONE Always Wants SomeThing Different/Crazy/Odd/Inventive/Weird/Unique, & 1 At A Time, 1 At A Time, & "1 At A Time", Ongoingly, Etc, Etcs,... Are The Dominoes of $UCE$$!!.. . Ask For My List Of Past 21 Dumb/Stupid Ideas That Made MILLION$$$$$, Seriously!!! Ask 4 More Info 2 Read bcz Creative Researchers/Helpers Let Them Find Me/My Site/You! Now?, Understand EZ$$$4U?, More TRUE Info . . Available... :) Now, ...Think: Small Ad In Worldy Published Magazines ..... (& Even A Functional-Novelty Made "Thingees" Shown Off In a "You-Tube" Skit/Mini-Movie) & = "Nc.n Can Custom SpecialtyAbstractualize Make(& Paint) Your Guitar,Instrument, Golf Clubs/Customized Cart, Beverage, & Any Fluffin Thing Holder (Your Designs/Artifacts or Mine) To Personify/ /Individualize You Over Every-One Else In The World!!! (Or Do You Like Mass-Millionated Cloned Stuff BETTER?:) My Web-Site is Mundane, My Works Are Not! Mundaned-Idealisms Just COSTS Immensly Much More!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ & Again Any Helpers Get (Even Besides De-Stresses!) Much More Than They Give! ThanQue, ... & Read On ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Art-Survey-essay small "e"