Definitions Of "ARTS"


1. The Definition Of "Art" Is The Same? ..... Or Different? ....... For Nearly Every-One?  
2. The Definition Of TRUE "Artist" Is A Creator Who Wants, Needs, Worries About 100% Of People Acceptances To Like His Styles? OR: Who Says "Truk-Em!" to 90% & Thrives To "Keep On Trukin" For the "2%", ... AS In: Individualistically Creatively For Those 2% Who Are Customers, Followers & Open-Minded/Admirerers ? Now, Think, Tell Me What Catagory Are The Remaining 8% In? Curiositizers? Do They Need Introductions? Explanations? Being Converted To Open Minded Art "See-ers" & Visitors? Is "YES" That Answer? hmmmmmmmm  
3. The Whole World Is A Big, Big Place? To Have As A Wide-Scale Advertising Customer Target Arena To Aim For?  
4. The Internet Goes All Over the World? To Show Them My/A Creative Web-Site... To Have Them Be Able To Find Me?  
5. Do Delivery Services of Some Type Go All Over the World? & Do Some Richy-Rich People Who Love "Weird-Art", .. I Mean "Unique-Arts" & Even Have Their Own Delivery "Services" Just to Get It Quicker For Self-Displayances?  
6. Do Wealthier People Love to Buy "Run Of the Mill" Millionated-Mass-(Taiwan-China)-Produced Duplicates? or: "1ofaKind" Specialty Created Things They Can Boast They Have The "Only One Of" In The World?  
7. Some Rich/Famous/Influental People Who Love "Specialty/Art Things" Even Have Their Own City Blocks, Skyscrapers, Ocean Liners, Islands, Jungles, Mountains, & Partial Million Acre Ranches? Think In A Higher Stakes Bidding Auction Process, You/ALL Of You Need To Find Them So They Can Find "A Certain Creative Artist"? (Essentailly Does higher Bidding Amounts Mean Higher[& MORE} Commi$$ion$ For You?)  
8. If A Creative Artist/Fabricator/Idea Person" Can Design-Create-Make-Paint Specialty Things For Them & For Other Rich Peoples Highest Biddings, Is It a Good Idea For Them to Find Out About A Certain "Creators" Web-Site? & The BIGGER Researcher-Helper-Investor Close Knit Family, The Quicker/Better/ The Creative WOrlD-Wide Visabiliy Happens?  
9. Is "Minutes-a-Month" Time Being Motivated To Help 4 Getting Commi$$ion$? & To Be Creative Internet Researchers To Have Your Own Great Ideas To Advertise To Them On How To Find Said ArtistS Worth Those Minutes While STILL Keeping You Day Job? &/or "What-Ever" Direction You May Choose To Aim Artist/Fabricator/Idea Person/Gallery/Even Researchers Talents?  
14. How About This/These?: Arts & Other Unique/Crazy/Eccentric/Weird Creations: = .... Is You-Tube FREE? Advertising? World-Wide? In a Segment Of Some Zany "Artifact"/Functional Novelty Device Being Shown Off/Demonstrated/Bragged About In Small Group As Said Advertising Or Technique to Show Businesses/Other Advertising Firms/TV Commercials Making Companies(Go See ZZ Top Playing Behind The Hinged Liquor Store Cooler Doors In The Jeremiah Weed Ad & The Reactions That Got Them, Then?:) & Also Said Reactive People Talking Afterwards). How Many Rock Bands Wod Love a Crazy Artist "First" = "1ONLY Designs!!!" Stage Props/Logos/Video To Be Cutting Edge First? Coomercial Ideas? ..... & Any Business With an Auctioned Off Art-Work "Piece" Becomes A Semi-Tourist-Attraction getting "Side-Draft" Business & FREER Advertising There-In. Do You See Minnesota Metaphorical "Snow-Ball" Rolling To Around The World Yet? & Even More a Hyperactive Mind Can Come Up With.. Think DEEP & Longer If You Think Abstract Art Is A Joke... :) & It's Better If A Philosophical/Humorous/Befitting/Personalized Advertising Technique/Name/Title Is Creatively "Built-In".  

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